Question : Nucleolus is the main site for the assembly of

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Nucleolus is the main site for the assembly of

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Nuclear pores Proteins Ribosomal subunits Mesosomes

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question here is the nucleolus inside for assembly of unit or decreases if we talk about the a sore inside the cell nucleus genetic material containing party now inside the nucleus there is the presence of the teeth without any kind of a membrane is this is the body which is present inside the cell in the nucleus and it is without any time now inside the nucleus it is this site very see that there is a concern for producing and assembling the cells Rai Google it is the one which is actually concerning in the collection of thermal units and also producing because the assembled ribosome then will be transported to the cell cytoplasm with the help of a nuclear pore

which are acting as a channel for inward and outward movement of the material here to the ribosome will be carried to the cytoplasm for translation book solution is the process by which proteins are synthesized with the help of the described below which is also known as she pretty the answer is option not assemble your because all happening because of see translation here and the nuclear export they are the pores present in the double membrane structure of the nucleus which are acting as a channel for the inward and outward and the measures on it is also not

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QuestionNucleolus is the main site for the assembly of
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