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Neo-Darwinism is...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Neo-Darwinism is


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population theorynatural selection theorymodern mutation theorymodern synthetic theory

Answer : B


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Chapter NameEvolution
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students the question here are started neo darwinism is which out of these the first thing is that we should know that the neo darwinism is basically the modern synthetic theory which is it was introduced to remove the shortcomings which were there in the Darwin's theory of evolution so let's see what this new darwinism was first thing is that it was the modification of Darwin's theory because Darwin's theory had lot of limitations and shortcomings this theory was introduced to overcome those shortcomings secondly is it states that it is not continuous variations it are the mutations it is a mutation which causes speciation that is the formation of a new species is because of the mutations and not because of the continuous variation

the third point about this theory is that variation accumulate in a gene pool and not in an individual so variations should be there in the gene pool that means it should be there in the population and not in the individuals the fourth point for this is that new darwinism incorporate isolation as an essential component of evolution switch that it is very important that the for the formation of new species a group of species should get isolated that may be mechanical isolation is a logical isolation or a reproductive type of isolation while other points about this is that this theory could not explain the origin of new characters this was it shortcoming that it could not explain that how the new characters arrows so origin of new characters could not be explained by this

theory while other shortcomings were overcome by this theory to this theory was considered to be the modern synthetic theory to option number four become the right option for this question this is all for this query thank you


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