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Classification Of The Living World


Name the phyla into which inve...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Name the phyla into which invertebrates are divided. Give two characteristics and two examples of organisms belonging to each phylum.

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Chapter NameClassification Of The Living World
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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hello students that start with the question the equation States name the Phylum into which in vertebrates are divided give two characteristics and two example of the organism belonging to starting with what what are the characteristics of invertebrates and vertebrates please HD do not have a band phone then they are multi Cellular then they have no cell wall no cell walls and reproduce by two productive sense auraton se Jamai

these are the characteristics of the features of invertebrates so getting to the question now so these are divided into following phylums the first one says the Audi parent and example related to that is sponge then r Nijhawan in the example again are the studies and cool Ganesh 3rd 1 3rd and group are the classification of the Phylum of invertebrates are Madhur ringtones these are the

and stars Danish the sports one which is and these are the examples are octopus names the clan is annelids Visa the worms earthworms delicious there is the sixth one which is arthropods example is insects

spiders and lobsters also defining the two characteristics of each of the Phylum starting with the first one which is the peripheral Periphery of the sponge is so these are multicellular light these are multi cellularity multicellularity specialised cell and these do not have any tissue digestive system this was about the for different now coming to the Mediterranean

to these are radial these are butter radio symmetry and these also have the incomplete digestive system incomplete sunao coming to the month and here these have complete digestive system and these have the Kolam tiny internal

skeleton the mula and this includes the two column the characteristic of Tu Kollam and the organ system and some with the primitive brain cemetery free when are the analysis and these have Sigma nted body and also they have the primitive tree Limited brain ok now comes the autobots and these have

segmented body and jointed appendages Sudhir are there two characteristics of each of the Phylum mention the way I am open thank you

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