Question : Name the parts of that form autonomic nervous system.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Name the parts of that form autonomic nervous system.

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Solution :
Parasympathetic and sympathetic system


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hello everyone know your going to understand about this question and other questions is that name the part of that form autonomic nervous system should know that the system is a very important system of our body basically The Nervous system is categorised into two broad classes that somatic nervous system and autonomic nervous system ok so if you see this question we have to find the parts of autonomic provide further this autonomic nervous system or equity The Nervous system is composed of it is

divided into two parts first parasympathetic parasympathetic nervous system s is sympathetic nervous system Sudheer again to type parasympathetic and sympathetic ok so if we talk about the function of autonomic nervous system to the function is basically it The autonomic Nervous System supplies the internal organs including the internal organ like blood vessels blood vessels

and internal organ including blood vessels stomach Kitni hot liver do if we talk about the answer of this question so the parasympathetic and sympathetic are the parts of that form that are formed autonomic nervous system and we know that the nervous system is play a very crucial role in the in descending order receiving the message from our

rich protein and receptor fruity and through the nervous system or to the nerve cell we can quickly give the neurotransmitter due to that we give the message to to our brain regarding the stimulus ok so this is all worked out all work is deal with the nervous system is a very sensitive system in our body and various Nerve cells and a number of neurotransmitters chemicals are involved in the process of sugar is our system and the answer will be and it is the answer guys hope you understand well

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QuestionName the parts of that form autonomic nervous system.
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