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Name the negatively charged ...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Name the negatively charged and positively charged components of a nucleosome.

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Solution : A Histone Octamer is the positively charged component and the DNA helix is the negatively charged component.

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Step by step video solution for [object Object] by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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Chapter NameXii Boards
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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name the discipline and positively charged components of the nucleosome supportable try to understand the significance of the term nucleosome is related genetic material the DNA which is responsible for the storage and transmission all of the hereditary information now when we talk about the prokaryotic cells in this will not in a well defined nucleus in which the genetic material is it is prokaryotic cells the genetic material scattered throughout the cell but it is restricted to a particular region inside the service is known as the nuclear when we talk about the Eukaryotic cells in the

organisation of DNA is even more efficient we know that the genetic material the DNA in the Eukaryotic cell is located inside the double membrane aur cal college nuclear if it is not properly fact there is no efficient packaging when will not be able to fit inside the Limited space of a nuclear so we say that we use some specialised proteins called his tone for the efficient Packaging of DNA fibres because every the nature of DNA DNA is a nucleic acid which chemical nature is acidic and also DNA a negative charge pitaai to do hair with the help of Christians in history that they are basic in nature because they are

rich in the residents of some basic amino acids and also this positive charge so having basic nature and positive charge they are able to attract the American packages with the help of this histone protein so what happens if we look at a Eukaryotic cell in its interface in the cell is not divided at this stage the genetic material in the form of chromatin chromatid chromatin we can say that the chromatin is a form of DM in which we cdn extensive nucleoprotein fibre it is not compact it's not in Indian state at this point you will see extensive fibres and how this I was found to contain repeating nucleosome Hawa nucleosomes found we say

that 8 unit of histone proteins come together to form a stone octamer and around the system after the wind like a thread around the school to this structure called histone octamer is formed when 8 units of histone protein come together and the DNA binds to the optimal for wind sounded like a thread thus forming a unit called nucleosome which we see in the Microsoft can we see under microscope the DNA 20 nucleus I am going to appear as beads repeated units called nucleosome responsible for the formation of so what can we say what are the negative and positive charge components of nucleosome the negative charge is in the day in

which we are trying to package in the nucleosome and the positive charge is in histone protein which we are using for efficient Packaging of a genetic material Anand diagram can also see how there is a core of the nucleosome formed by the histone protein and the DNA which is good in this Ko just like a thread as we thus forming

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