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Class 12






Biological Classification


Name the kingdom under which a...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Name the kingdom under which all unicellular eukaryotes are included.

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Solution : Protista

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Chapter NameBiological Classification
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students the question is name the kingdom under which all unicellular eukaryotes are included so the white actors five kingdom classification has these five kingdom that is Kingdom Monera Kingdom Protista Kingdom fungi animal and plant to these are the five kingdom classification was given by RH whittaker in the year 1969 on which in which the criteria which were used was whether the organism is unicellular or multicellular whether it is prokaryotic or Eukaryotic the mode of nutrition as well as the phylogenetic relationship and the ecological state of the organism while talking about the first part that is kingdom want it include all the bacteria which are there on the earth now here we see is bacteria will be unique

prokaryotes so all the bacteria are included under this group that is all the prokaryotic included this group where as the next Kingdom that is Kingdom Protista which is considered to be a connecting link between the plants and animals so this type this Kingdom the members of this Kingdom are all unicellular eukaryotes the right answer for this question is Kingdom Protista which contains unicellular eukaryotes that means this Kingdom Protista will have organisms which contain the membrane bound organelles in them where are the tips for the classified into diatoms dinoflagellates euglenoids Slime moulds and the protozone protest the protozone right so this is what Kingdom Protista is about why the fun

contains the Eukaryotic multicellular organisms as well as the Eukaryotic multicellular animal cells are contained in Kingdom animalia and the Eukaryotic plant cells are contained in Kingdom plantae Kingdom Protista this is all about this query thank you

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