Updated on:30/05/2023

Name the common ancestor of the great apes and man.



hi everyone is a question and question says that in the common ancestor of the great Apes and man for the solution the common ancestor of great Apes and drive critical in ramapati kar this is a picture of drug traffickers ramapithecus now I am explain their characteristic feature first for drive pithecus that girls are those resemble with greater their legs and are of equal length and they have a posture and large canines and the
forces founder and pliocene deposit around 23 to 26 million year old originate in South Africa now for Rama practical their job and teeth like humans and legs and arms were not equal the legs were larger than their arms rat on its feet are mainly we can say there have a portion and they can walk upright
under teeth like humans first fossils work word in 1932 in the middle museum and late main Husain in 1932 around 17 25 million a year ago deposits in Shivalik Hills Northern India two students hope you understand this difference between drive particles and drama pretical who are common ancestor of great Ape and man


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