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Class 11






Neural Control And Coordination


Name major components of auton...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Name major components of autonomic nervous system.

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Chapter NameNeural Control And Coordination
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello everyone can hear your name major components of autonomic nervous system system having three major component such as first is very sympathetic nervous system secondary parasympathetic nervous system and interior type of nervous system starting with the sympathetic nervous system here the nerve fibres note 5 best type of nervous system connects the internal organs is the organs that presents in the body internal organs to be brain by spinal nerves and whenever

stimulated the increase in heart rate can be seen increase in heart rate and that's why this type of nervous system is also known to produce the fight and fight or flight response when every potential threat is the next type of nervous system is the parasympathetic nervous system Sohail the main no status cranial nerves are activated and specially the vagus nerve so in this type of the heart rate is slow b is low because this kind of parasympathetic nervous system

body 2nd division guess it also installed the body to comment composted this is also worked on the intestinal activity and some secretions of the end it is also in the Grand Activity the next year will be entering type of nervous system 20 type of nervous system is mainly deals with the destroyer wintersteiner activity interests and activities which mean

the secretions from the gastrointestinal gland cells occurs through the type of nervous system and apart from this some endocrine and crime cases also stimulated by the enteric nervous system is a major components of The autonomic Nervous system for strength is sympathetic S L C parasympathetic and third AC and Eric thank you


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