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Class 12






Structure Of The Cell


Na^(+)/K^(+) pump in a cell is...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Na^(+)/K^(+) pump in a cell is an example of

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OsmosisDiffusionPassive transportActive transport

Answer : D

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Chapter NameStructure Of The Cell
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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Sodium and potassium pump up there is an example of to be in a cell membrane cell membrane protein from the membrane for that they require energy and quotations are that should be passed out and to potassium but ended in a Cell

requires energy pouch out what to potential for potential for leave for this procedure for user SAP assign user ATP today's conversion of ATP in ETP in YouTube

this procedure is called active process where is it be talked about the Pacific and passive process this does not require energy is not required in there and they do not use ATP molecule to now option of the graft material example of water water passes into compost plant to the process of osmosis this option if we talk about diffusion

substances from Experia of high concentration of a solution to area Lo contribution area area talking about pumpkin selfie true there in correct of the effect of a passive transport near discuss that it does not require any piat energy of molecules of not also be interested to talk about active transport to here we have seen that requires energy required ATP molecules and this procedure is called as after process after from this question is after transport thank you

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