Question : Mutation caused by a mutagen is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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induced natural spontaneous chemical mutation

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questionnaire to seeing you tash mutation caused by mutations which of the following induce Naturals on tennis chemical beautiful this mutation is caused by mute what is the mutagen mutagen has basically some of the radiation of chemical that causes our new test mutations ok ok that is there is an alteration in a gene after that comes in contact with the mutagen can be aur X rays that can be a h a nitric nitrous acid which is a very strong you know when dene comes in contact with these mutant was there is any such change in our lives it change in our team change in our Gym so what happens the mutations or weaken the causeway Newton Newton and induced mutations that is provided they come in contact with the sages they will cause mutation otherwise they will not so these are induced mutations of

correct options induce what is natural that is natural it occurs without being affected by mutagen of cases options from the spontaneous what happens spontaneous mutations are we can see mutations at a result of natural changes in our DNA structure when there is an apple change in DNA structure nutrition or cause there is no role of mutations this option is the chemical nutrition is also a type of power induced mutation that is supposed the nitrous acid is a chemical mutagen this option is not appropriate me correct correct option is option number 1

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QuestionMutation caused by a mutagen is
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