Updated on:26/04/2023

Most harmful type of environmental pollutants are


Text Solution

Human organic wastes
Natural nutrients in excess
Waste animal feed
Nonbiodegradable chemicals.
The correct Answer is D


history question most harmful type of environmental pollutants are options are a human organic waste beat natural nutrients in excess Best animal feed and depth that is non biodegradable camp options that is human organic waste which contain use amount of e coli causes water pollution natural solution natural nutrition in the Excel as a result it cause it was also cause water pollution West animal feed it also cause water pollution
can also cause pollution that is a water pollution soil pollution air pollution in question is the most harmful non-biodegradable campus by the most powerful because the non biodegradable campus cannot break or degraded cannot break degraded mean for many years like 100 many hundreds of the hundred many follow the
so it is very harmful in long term is the option that is a non degradable chemical shops and is the correct answer thank you


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