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Class 11






Cell Cycle And Cell Division


Mitotic prophase and Meiotic p...

Mitotic prophase and Meiotic prophase I

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Mitotic prophase and Meiotic prophase I



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Mitotic prophase and Meiotic prophase I
Chapter NameCell Cycle And Cell Division
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here is that we have to talk about the difference between the mitotic trophies and we have to talk about the attic professor for the mitotic use this is acid equation all division mitosis it is the equational division in which city chromosome number it will remain the same it will remain deployed only the Rasi division here it is one which is known as reductional division here right and as a result of external division there will be the formation of the haploid cells from the deployed like this and here it is it to and will remain only now there is the stage professor during the division and the mitotic professor the one which occurs during the mitosis what happen is there right there is a presence of the human August pared of the chromosome

like this this is the one yeah right and the City and other pair so there is no interaction between the home logo a they will know interaction is occurring they will not interact with each other but on the other hand in case of the production and vision It is seen that this home Lucas fear it becomes it put together that meets the show certain kind of interaction and get associated together and because of this association there will be the formation of the crossing over crossing over will occur and the Recombinant DNA recombination will be found here like this one here and they will come all together and then they will show the crossing over one stand will be crossed over with the other like this is the red and as a result of the crossing over this kind of structure would be see this is what the recombination


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