Question : Milk is fermented or curdled by

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Milk is fermented or curdled by

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Text Solution

Rhizobium LactobacillusAzotobacter Clostridium

Answer :


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hello it is a big is omitted or controlled by options are rhizobium lactobacillus acetobacter and Australia ok so you have right answer is lactobacillus bachelors it is responsible for boiling aur aur manta aur of milk right lactobacillus that is a Gram Positive Bacteria right and used commercially in the dairy industry right to make

Nani Teri letter because it converts lactose into the lactic acid which is converted to which result in the formation of curd from milk night and this process is known as curling aur spelling for formatting of milk right but too much of cuddling of milk renders it right and harmful for the conduction despacito audition process needs to be carefully controlled and one such method to present excessive calling of milk is pasteurized

ok let's see other options as well so first is rhizobium rhizobium is a bacteria responsible for the nodule formation night and it is automatic nitrogen fixing bacteria ronquillo next we have azotobacter responsible for the nitrogen fixation also write enclosed area it is Gram positive bacteria and responsible for causing the botulism right and

write a few but I don't option I hope it's enough your thank you

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