Question : Middle lamella is made up of

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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cellulose protein calcium and magnesium pectatelipids and lignin

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cute question is middle lamella is made up of what to the Silver leaves of plants that they have basically have seen layers the middle primary silver and the secondary cell V if we rock Lee draw a diagram for that suppose a support these are two cells this is one cell and diseased adjacent another cell so I am showing these this person here so this a let me drop first to suppose this is the secondary world of oneself and disease the secondary wall of the Other neighbouring cell disease the second and now this is the primary

disease the primary primary social this part here this part disease the person disease the middle lamella show the middle lamella it serves as a cementing layer between the primary walls of two adjacent cells and the basic constituent of the middle lamella is the calcium and magnesium pectate the calcium

and magnesium dictate the substances are proteins are sentences are also apparently present in addition to the calcium and magnesium picked it but it is in very little amount to the share we can say that middle lamella is made up of calcium and magnesium

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QuestionMiddle lamella is made up of
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