Metaphase , telophase , prophase, anaphase.


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Step by step video solution for Metaphase , telophase , prophase, anaphase. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 10 exams.


hello everyone so the question here is metaphase anaphase pro face and anaphase now I am face comprises of these trees but they are not in a correct sequence we have to make the correct sequence in a correct sequence the first and face it is comprised of M phase of the mitotic phase comprise of prophec the first one is the professor metaphase ntn anaphase angellist 1 is the Steel office improve face the nuclear membrane disappears
nuclear membrane disappears and chromatin it get condensed chromatin get condensed to form chromosomes now the late professor nuclear membrane nucleolus completely disappeared and spindle fibres start forming and it initiates the starting of the metaphase stage noun metaphase stage the chromosomes aligned at the equator the chromosome the align at the equator logically they can be best served in the matter of history align at the equator so there we can see the Roman Reigns coming that contains to form chromosomes and in metaphase their
line at the equator and these are the spindle fibres are formed and this is the central warm and Animal cell level it will be along said Central now in the NFL stage the third step will be enough a stage the third stage is enough a stage in the the total chromosomes are there in the committed separated CM split and chromatid separate at the move to the opposite pole show the hair the chromatic get separated and they are still here they are attached to the proposed the move towards the opposite poles now in the tale of face it was to that of the prophets when the daughter
cells are formed and nuclear membrane reappears and chromosomes they become decondensed full form chromatic Sohail with water change will be like the chromosome will lose the distinctiveness so this is the tale of sh so big show to lotuses at the deployed condition will be there in case of if you want to show the mitosis so the first
stages the professor in the sequence will be professor and thank you

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