Mesocarp and endocarp are edible in


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Mere Sabhi music AAP and the Anokha Pyar edible informative and banana coconut mango if you talk about the fruit formation will discuss post we will talk about the fertilization process by which tree pollen grains they will reach the female party acoustic carpal and inside a couple we have the ovary and the abuse present share and surrounding the ovary it is the presence of the ovary after the fertilization the ovary is the one which gives rise to the fruit to use the form the seat sure and the balls around the ovary it will lead to the formation of the right of the outer one is it so middle one is the age of your and then we have endoca and the end of the banana it is where the
Sukha it is fibrous layer it is made up of the fibrous which form C banana Pili edible part is the fleshy part of C banana which is the berry fruit Blackberry fruit and the music and the endocarp Here they are be available in terms of banana in coconut we see that the outer part of the exhibit is fibre the reason it is hard here and Endo one is available in pomegranate the outer won the outer layer it is not edible otherwise Mizo and Endo only end with the increase of the pomegranate and in case of the mango the inner 1S hard

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