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Plant Kingdom


Mention the ploidy of the foll...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Mention the ploidy of the following: protonemal cell of a - moss, primary endosperm nucleus in dicot, leaf cell of a moss, prothallus cell of a fern, gemma cell in Marchantia, meristem cell of monocot, ovum of a liverwort and zygote of a fern.

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Text Solution

Solution : `{:("Protonemal cell of a moss", - ,"haploid (n)"),("Primary endosperm nucleus in dicot", - ,"triploid (3n)"),("Leaf cell of a moss",-,"haploid (n)"),("Prothallus cell of a fern",-,"haploid (n)"),("Gemma cell in Marchantia",-,"haploid (n)"),("Meristem cell of monocot",-,"diploid (2n)"),("Ovum of a liverwort",-,"haploid (n)"),("Zygote of a fern",-,"diploid (2n)"):}`

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Chapter NamePlant Kingdom
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone the question whether given over here mention the ploidy of the following for Proton number tell of a mor second primary endosperm nucleus and dicot third leaf curl of a Mall both prothallus cell of a phone 5th chemical in Marsh NTR Sikh medicine cell of monocot Kevin oven of Allah what and it is dicot of a phone so first of all w w priority is the number of complete set of chromosome present in a Cell to the first one little kitten over here is protonmail cell of proton animal is a cell that formed the earliest stage of development of the

gamut of fight in life cycle of mosses it is haploid that is it has only one set of chromosome next is primary endosperm nucleus in Dicot primary endosperm nucleus is formed as a result of triple fusion of two polar nuclei nuclei and one form nucleus and double fertilization takes place in angiosperm it is replied that is it has three sets of chromosome next one leaf still of the leaf curl of a Moss is haploid that it has only one

set of chromosome is prothallus cell O phone prothallus is the gametophyte stage in life cycle of phone it is haploid cell in machine it is small disc of tissue which directly gives rise to new gametophyte so it is haploid text is Meristem cell of monocot it is Lloyd that is

it has two sets of chromosome medicine cell are the cell which divide and increase the length of girth of stem or root next is ovum of a liver what it is haploid and the last one is dicot of a zygote is formed as a result of fusion of male and female gamete artist because of fertilization it is deployed title that has to set of chromosome thank you

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