Question : Mention the different types of plants included in the kingdom Plantae.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Mention the different types of plants included in the kingdom Plantae.

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hello everyone left the question the question is that mention the different type of the plants included in the kingdom plantae so the kingdom plantae involve the different related groups and these are the first one is die of bryophytes include Moses ok the second group is vascular seedless plant vascular seedless plants which third one is gymnosperm

gymnosperm Aadha cone bearing seed plants ok these are known as Kaun bearing seed plants example of the plant present in the gymnosperms are conifers cycads find many more are there but these are the few examples for the gymnosperm and the fourth one is angiosperm and gymnosperm include Woody plants and

the food we eat like fruits vegetables are the grains these are the example of the angiosperm so there are the few characteristic that each group share with each other so these characteristics are the first one is that there is a production of the embryo in all of these groups selection of embryos the presence of photosynthetic chloroplast photosynthetic chloroplast the third one is the

presence of the cell wall that is primarily composed of the cellulose also there is a alternation of generation present in the mind of generation is deployed stage and applied stage there is a bad it of the reproductive strategies are present and these are presence of the sexual as well as a sexual reproduction sexual and asexual reproduction these are the few characteristics which are present in all of these four groups so this is all about the kingdom plantae thank you

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QuestionMention the different types of plants included in the kingdom Plantae.
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