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Question : Mention reflexes which occur when a person <br> Swallows food

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Mention reflexes which occur when a person Swallows food

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Text Solution

Solution :
The reflexes are : Swallows food – tongue moves upward and backward, against the palate.


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the following question is mentioned in a person in our body can be divided into two categories is voluntary or involuntary so why swelling of foot swelling of foot occurs at many stages value of x mouth into into pharynx into fairy and still one third till first one third of oesophagus

is is voluntary reflex so it is under our control voluntary second one that is s s two third of oesophagus oesophagus shows shows involuntary reflex in voluntary reflex during movement foot movement

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QuestionMention reflexes which occur when a person <br> Swallows food
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