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Class 12






Genetic Basis Of Inheritance


Mendel's law of segregation is...

Mendel's law of segregation is applicable to

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Mendel's law of segregation is applicable to


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Dihybrid cross onlyBoth dihybrid and monohybrid crossesMonohybrid cross onlyDihybrid but not monohybrid cross

Answer : B


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Mendel's law of segregation is applicable to
Chapter NameGenetic Basis Of Inheritance
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone lipstick the question the question se start mendel's law of segregation is applicable to this question we have asked about the Mendel law of segregation OK what is meant by the segregation to first of all the another name for the Mandal of the segregation is also the law of the purity of what we can say that law of purity of Diamonds ok reality of damaged so this can be used to conceptualize the concept behind this law ok so as we all know that during the fertilization Ali in its space separated ok so if you started from the basic than it has a two alternate form that is called the

ok this is separated during the time of fertilization ok so this gets separated and after the separation after the separation each receive only one of the pair ok so they receive only one of the wanted this is the thing that can be conceptualize on the basis of this name of the Mantle of the segregation that is law of the purity of the ok so and due to this reason that the treat which is not expressed in the one generation can be expressed in the another one ok for because of this separation that the one gammat will receive only one one of the pair of the early so this is the reason that if the

rate is not expressed in the one generation not expressed in one generation when it will Express in the another generation ok it will be applicable to the other generation ok so if we talk about starting a hybrid cross hybrid and monohybrid cross a monohybrid and dihybrid cross means that when we consider the one treat at a time ok so this law is applicable for both of the condition ok so here is B thank you


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