Question : Meissner's corpuscles are located in

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Meissner's corpuscles are located in

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Pancreas and secrete trypsinogen Adrenal and secrete trypsinogen Spleen and destroy erythrocytes Skin and perceive gentle pressure

Answer :


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hello students a question here she is the maze runner Scorch trials are located in the these are the corpses which help to detect the sense of pressure or touch these are located in the skin and their procedures and gentle pressure to this is this option number 4 is a right answer this question while the other ones are the wrong one because that is associated with the pancreas secrete trypsinogen adrenaline which secretes trypsinogen this is wrong and then spleen and destroys exercises these shoes are meant to be associated with Areas where pressure or touch sensation is to be sent to the option of 4 year only is a right answer this question this is all about this query thank you

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QuestionMeissner's corpuscles are located in
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