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Class 12






Kingdom Plantae Or Metaphyta


Meiosis (reduction division) i...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Meiosis (reduction division) in Funaria occurs in

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Question Details till 26/06/2022

Chapter NameKingdom Plantae Or Metaphyta
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
Question Language
In Video - English
In Text - English
Students Watched9.1 K +
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Question Video Duration3m58s


hello everyone question here is the news that is reduction division in Peenya occurs in the options given be happy to answer any type of the cell division in which reduce the reduced the number of the chromosome number of Amazon independent bye-bye it involves 32 table and ultimately result in the present age of sporophyte which applies teacher and the second one is pretty talking about

news self in because of you need a given female reproductive part of the Chunariya female gametophytes ok female and female gametes are haploid can say that there is no reductional division takes place in the art that uses of chemistry question for mother's mother cell structure present in the this stage it is the last of the last structure of this deployed stage this means that the sperm other cells are

ok because I laughed picture of the Polo generation and differentiate into the pot and applied this post I have lied and therefore this post was captured this post and techcom which is haploid it is the structure of gametophyte fee structure of the generation discord mother cell is the last chapter of the sporophyte and this is the four sari pore structure of the chemical process take place in the

from where it comes to change it to the talking about itself was also incorrect because the cell formed is deployed and present in for a fitted feel that is also present in this generation register god is changed into the sporophyte in this new division take after that the entry is also be sent via e-mail that the staff here haploid number is also in

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