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asexually reproducing diploid individualssexually reproducing haploid individualssexually reproducing diploid individualsall of these.

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Meiosis does not occur in asexually reproducing individuals. There is only mitotic cell divison and multiplication occurs rapidly. On the other hand, sexual reproduction involves both meiosis and mitosis.


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vacation is meiosis does not occur in options are a sexually reproducing deployed individuals sexually reproducing haploid individual sexually reproducing deployed individuals and all of the ok so first of all what is miosis type of cell division write a note that cell division is open to type that is meiosis and mitosis meiosis and mitosis and meiosis is reductional division reductional division and mitosis is the equational division ok so here we are talking about the news to what will happen in the music

it involves or we can say it essential for the sexual reproduction actual reproduction ok not present in the is sexually reproducing individual if we have the if we have a style that used to add a number to add me it is deployed in nature It means that have complete set of chromosome complete at O chromosome to increase to first one round of replication right after the application then there is first division that is one

that is reductional in nature reductional in nature ok that will lead to the formation of haploid to haploid gametes order daughter nuclei right and then there is a s m 24 in meiosis 2 rounds of division take place as meiosis is like mitosis that is equational division equational division that is an nnnn ok after uses to what you will get the four haploid cells or we can say the right to let see the options now

what is essentially reducing deployed individuals of the sun does not occur in this is correct your because users is not involved in the is actually producing in for example here we can take is archaea and bacteria ok archaea and bacteria reproduce by a sexual means so not involved in them Nexus sexually reproducing haploid individuals this is also correct you fish producing deployed individuals it is also it is incorrect and correct because meiosis occur in both of them ok right answer for the question is option that is essentially reproducing deployed individuals in that does not I hope this will answer your question

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