Question : Medicine for respiratory problems is got from

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Medicine for respiratory problems is got from

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Cannabis Eucalyptus Ephedra Saccharum.

Answer :


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hello students equation here she is that a medicine for the respiratory problem is called from which of the following plants while you see that in case of gymnosperm there is a plant which is called as if it is this ephedra which is a gymnosperm plant is the source for the drug effect green effect green is a drug which is obtained from the fit and it is associated by for the cure of various types of respiratory ailments such that means it's a dream is the drug which is obtained from a gymnosperm ephedra so here we can mark option number 3 as a right answer this question where are the other options can be marked as a wrong ones while we see that the Cannabis the Cannabis sativa is also a source of drug and this Cannabis sativa plant the flat of leaves reason and later

this act as a source for various types of drugs such as Harshi Charas Ganja and marijuana these are the drugs which are obtained from this particular plants this is also not the right option eucalyptus has also it is also a source of certain medicines and it belongs to the age of sperm Where are sacrum is a sugarcane and this is also the wrong option because there are no drugs obtain from this also so you will see the right option for this question will be option number 3 that is ephedra because it is helpful in the respiratory ailments this is all about this query thank you

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QuestionMedicine for respiratory problems is got from
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