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Class 12






Transport In Plants


Meaningful girdling (Ringing) ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Meaningful girdling (Ringing) experiments cannot be done on sugarcane because

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its phloem is situated interior to xylem its stem surface is covered with waxy coating its vascular bundles are not present in a ring its stem is thin

Answer : C
Solution : In ringing experiment removal of bark breaks the continuity of epidermis, cortex and phloem. It shows clearly that epidermis, cortex and phloem donot take part in transport of sap of water. <br> In sugarcane (monocot) the vascular bundles are scattered, therefore, ringing experiment is not applicable. <br> <img src="" width="80%">

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Chapter NameTransport In Plants
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hello students in this question we need to find out at the meaningful good link or ring experiment cannot be done on the sugarcane because so here we see that the burning of the ring experiment was first explained by malpighii in the year 1675 what is this girl in experiment we have a picture to demonstrate our cooling experiment hear ring of bark is cut from the same it also removes the phloem so it removes the phloem to Newtons collect above the ring because from the phloem the food is to be transported downwards into the storage organs so as the food is formed in the upper part of the tree so phloem since it is removed in this region where the good thing is they have taken place so the food of the nutrients are going to accumulate above the ring that means in this region it is going to accumulate

the park also swells up so the swelling up of the bark gives rise to the adventitious roots so here they will be advantageous rules which will come out now growth is also progress above the ring the tissues below the ring not only show stoppage of growth but also they begin to shrivel so these are the tissues because they are not getting enough food it is phloem is disrupted in the middle so that is why the tissues will begin to shrivel so truth can be start and this route will be killed also they will be stopped and then killed once the roots are staff the plant will now not get the water so the shoot system will also be killed and it will die so here for the girl in the experiment to take please we require a ring arrangement only then the girdling experiment can be easily performed while in case of sugarcane which is a monocot the year

arrangement in the stem is not present because there the vascular bundles are scattered in the cortex so in the cortical region as well as in the entire there is no politics in the monocot that means there is no distinct regions of the cortex it is scattered all over and each of these vascular bundles contains xylem and phloem while in case of dicot if you see that there are the vascular bundles which are in the form of a ring arrangement and these rings will have phloem on the outer side while xylem is on the inner side from the outer side this ring can be easily removed containing the following this part of the vascular bundle can be removed so girdling experiment is can take only if there is ring arrangement and sitting arrangement takes place only in Dicot not in monocots sugarcane being a mono

Bhaskar bundles are not present in the ring so that is why girdling experiment is meaningless in this case that means it is not meaningful so we have option number 3 as a write up in here while the other three options are the wrong options so this is all about this query thank you

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