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Class 12






Reproduction In Organisms


Match the columns and select t...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Match the columns and select the correct options <img src="" width="80%">

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Answer : A

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Chapter NameReproduction In Organisms
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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hello everyone we have a question given here match the columns and select the correct option ok column1 we have to leave but bulb will upset Canadian government of Bihar I gave Penicillium water hyacinth sponson ok so we have to match his options for the first option is gumiho can you know what is g u g u l a type of a sexual reproductive structure A sexual reproductive structure structure found in transit found in sponges write the camel matches with Ponds OK then we have leaf buds second option

leaf buds now quarterly words leave but Sa vegetative structure ok look in the leaf of bryophyllum suppose this is the leaf of bryophyllum small plants plant access start growing on the margin of leaf like this right Avengers deposits and gets proper nutrition this plant that structures or leaves but develop into new plants write this is shown in bryophyllum so be matches with me here bryophyllum third option is Palwal Balveer are again the vegetative structure are we can save vegetative vegetative propagules

propagules found in a game pound in I gave it is the kind of Lakshadweep lecture so bulb matches with gay wear red then a next option is offset now what is opposite of it is also kind of Asexual Reproduction alright cancer vegetative propagation what happens in offset suppose a plant here is present at have some rootstock top roots and then like here the lead it generally happens in aquatic plants as sub aerial stem grows literally Bros in again some talks of fruit and then gross them there then goes again later Li forms roots there and then from the stamp Ocean ecosystem ok

and then keeps on growing or that it is a very fast method of reproduction that is shown by water hyacinth ok the terror of Bengal it is shown by water hyacinth write SOP that matches with kyon saree matching correctly set matches with our own right and the final option is gonidia what is Canadian Canadian also known as sexual reproductive structure found in the fungus known as Penicillium Airtel olsen a sexual reproductive structure reproductive structure found in penicillin which the rights of India

matches with part matches with q alright the matching here will be a matches with s a writing so as this could be right this would be right this is wrong and this could be right ok first second third what option put option is definitely correct and then be matches with Ok sab images with this could be right this is wrong and this could be right here right then she bulb all matches with b-ok.ce match is it be here this could be right these two are already wrong Si matters to us know this is incorrect ok so by elimination we have already the answer option status confirm the Oxford matches with our water yourself accurate and images with q pencil this is the correct

option ok the answer of the question will be option but I hope you understood thank you

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