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Class 12






Mock Test 09 Zoology


Match the columns : (a) Atrial...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Match the columns : (a) Atrial systole (Column I) (i) 0.7 seconds (Column II) , (b) Joint diastole (Column I) (ii) 0.3 seconds (Columnn II) (c) Ventricular systole (Column I) (iii) 0.1 second (Column II) , (d) Atrial diastole (Column I) (iv) 0.4 seconds (Column II)

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Text Solution

a(iii) , b(iv), c(ii), d(i)a(iv), b(iii), c(ii), d(i)a(iii), b(iv), c(i), d(ii)a(i), b(ii), c (iii), d(iv)

Answer : A

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Question Details till 05/07/2022

Chapter NameMock Test 09 Zoology
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
Question Language
In Video - English
In Text - English
Students Watched6.4 K +
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Question Video Duration2m50s


hello Surendra question question is match the columns with his actual sister old point 1 second joint diastole point 3 second ventricle 15.1 second hand metal crystal point 4 second we have to find out which one is the correct I'm here in the question they have given us the cardiac cycle duration to cardiac cycle it involves the difference desi heavy we'll see about the different stages of the cardiac cycle first one is the actual sister lateral systel is when at 3 a.m. their contracts and that is known as a natural crystal it lasts for about 4.1 second at real sister last for about 4.1 package is the ventricle sister when the ventricles there right and left ventricle their contract and this last for about point 3 second

third one is there at real dienestrol third one is there at real diastone in atrial diastole is when attrium that is in the relaxation know that is relax that last for point 7 second and last one is a part of the ventricle ventricle diastole and ventricle relax or we can see that the in the relaxation Mod diastole occur that last for around 4.5 S so this is the duration of the cardiac cycle now we will macha columns first one is actual sister lateral sister all we know that that last 4.1 s b 1 second is the third one so we can say that the third is the correct match next is a joint diastole joint diastole it lasts for around point 4 second year I am not mention but join the class

point 4 second Sobi that become the fourth next is the ventricle systel ventricles is told that last 4.3 S I can say that the correct match becomes true and last is an actual diastole atrial diastole point 7 s for the correctness become is the one to this is our correct Mazhavil option option is a third this is correct we will check it later now a fourth this is incorrect a first this is incorrect so first and third we will check is next is before here it also be connected to hear it is even but here right matches the two we can say that option is correct option C is it correct hope you get it

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