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Match the column I with column-II
Column IColumn - IIStem tendrils Citrus , BougainvilleaStem thornsCalotropis, guavaOpposite phyllotaxyChina rose , mustardAlternate phyllotaxyGourds , grapevines


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a- iv ,b - ii , c - i , d - iii
a- iv ,b - i , c - ii , d - iii
a- ii ,b - i , c - iii , d - iv
a- iv ,b - i , c - iii , d - ii
The correct Answer is B


the question is my St columban with column S here we have to match the column 1 with column S ok in column 1 there are some modifications are given and in Kollam to there are some examples examples related to these modifications are given ok let's start with the first modification given here which is stem tendrils ok Thendral San 2015 modified 10 modify 10 which perform functions like the pool attachment and sometimes in version attachment and sometimes invention ok sometimes invention the examples of this modification
can be grass grapevine and ghost ok God and grape Vine by the cost of this plant are developed into thread like structure changes because they have weak stems ok they have b send ok that are dispersed modification mat with the modern grey point is given in photo here a match with the fourth ok next notification given here is tamiltones ok 10 phone this Champions are the modified sharp pointed 10 modified shark appointed chal example of this modification can be
citrus and cooking bhindi are ok and again William ok therefore this second win matches with the first match for next given here is opposite phyllotaxy let's discuss about phenotype what is below 10 then we will discuss about the opposite phyllotaxy will you take the ST arrangement of leaves ok arrangement of leaves understand branches ok this is known as ok branches now let's case about the opposite phyllotaxy ok opposite
phyllotaxy in this flute expy Bittu leaves two leaves arising from the notes arising from the node in opposite direction ok some 3 notes in opposite direction example of the spinner text can be opposite direction ok and calotropis ok and yellow crop this ok team activity S ok and the last here is alternate phyllotaxy already discuss about the flow text in
a we will discuss about alternate phyllotaxy hello sexy ok this alternate phyllotaxy the type of phyllotaxy in which leaf arises please arrive this at each node in alternate manner ok at each note ultranet Naino example can be tynor Ocean master ok China rose and master ok now this forth method D maturity ok first I am a match with
this a match with the 4th B with S and B with first deposit options in corrected we met with the first S is a force be 1st 2nd and 3rd years if the correct option year correct code here as we already discussed ok remaining officer in correct year thank you


Step by step video solution for Match the column I with column-II {:("Column I","Column - II"),("Stem tendrils ","Citrus , Bougainvillea"),("Stem thorns","Calotropis, guava"),("Opposite phyllotaxy","China rose , mustard"),("Alternate phyllotaxy","Gourds , grapevines"):} by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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