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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Acrodont Homodont Thecodont Polyphyodont

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hello students the question here she is a member lion teeth are so we need to find out the features of the main building teeth while we see that the million teeth are heterodont a nature that means all the teeth or a different type so that one half of the upper and the lower jaw the seas are there are going to be to incisors one will be the Central Incisor and other will be the Lateral Incisor followed by this there is one k92 premolars and 13 right out of the third molar is called as the wisdom tooth have got different type of morphology and external structure to see any tips you can easily break out that that is a Priya mola mola can I or a Central

Incisor so here we see that who don't and equipment are the wrong options so the Thi ko.ko.tv is a c h a bed in the sockets of the jawbone job on here with me call as the irregular bone so here we see the right answer for this question becomes option number 3 where are the fourth option hi polyphyodont now there are two types of other teeth that is called as a Bona FIDE and that means having only one set of teeth in the life cycle this is seen in various organisms while the human teeth at diphyodont that means it has a it has two sets of teeth in the lifespan one set of teeth is called as a deciduous teeth where are the other set of teeth is called as a permanent teeth set of deciduous teeth will be replaced by the permanent teeth during first 12 years of her life and here we see that this is also the wrong option because human teeth are not qualified on that I find on

answer to this question becomes option number 3 hours are the options which are given here are the wrong ones will its mark option Number 33 codont as a right answer this question

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