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Male gametophyte in angiosperm...

Question : Male gametophyte in angiosperms produces:

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Male gametophyte in angiosperms produces:

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Text Solution

(a) two sperms and a vegetative cell (b) single sperm and a vegetative cell(c) single sperm and two vegetative cells (d) three sperms

Answer :


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25 in India produces 210 plate and the development of gametophyte main tomato fight microspore which undergoes subsequent first to hear it is from now and then develop into separate Pollen Grain and onto Poland chamber present app

of Ok Google ovule is an female gametophyte so when the Pollen bring the richest in chemical by the changes into which the pollen grain mitosis of my top with Colin green Pollen green occur which leads to the generation of generative nucleus generator nuclear and Pollen tube nucleus Pollen tube nucleus aur we can say this vegetative

cell here in the pictures can see this is a generative nucleus and this is the nucleus for vegetative cell nuclear it little form to make EMI to give me and responding to nuclear it along it longest to pong Pollen tube so like this from Pollen Grain the Pollen tube and so it with the option at correct option would be there with one vegetable because here that to give me there are called put to conquer generated

and one vegetative cell is generated so

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QuestionMale gametophyte in angiosperms produces:
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