Question : Malarial parasity

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Malarial parasity

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Text Solution

Polygenetic Digenetic Monogenetic Monomorphic.

Answer :


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Ocean is malarial parasite is adoption is poly genetic digenetic of organisms that complete the life-cycle many many monogenetic is basically a complete is life cycle in only one who is genetic are basically those which is that completed life cycle in 2 ost so basically the malarial parasite is malarial parasite is digenetic genetic that is it Complete Complete Complete its life cycle

life cycle in to host in mosquitoes are the different the primary host frequency is mosquito the secondary host secondary host is human is human or other vertebrates other vertebrates in the primary was basically it completes its sexual life cycle in the vertebrates of human being it completes its a sexual life cycle

life cycle question is

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