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Question : Locomotion in starfish is with the help of

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Locomotion in starfish is with the help of

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spines feet water vascular system.tentacles


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hello everyone so the question here is the locomotion in starfish is with the help of the given options are spines feet water vascular system and tentacles so costly the starfish belongs to the Phylum echinodermata which having the unique characteristic features the options here 8 first option is the spine the spine belongs to the endoskeleton system of Starfish between function is to protect the organism creditors so the option number one here is incorrect second option is the field staff is doesn't have any faith they only have to fit their day pictures of the Phylum echinodermata water vascular system the water the system is the main system which helps the moment of

insta page by moving water into it that you fit muscles expand and this lead to the attachment of the cupid with the striatum substratum after expansion the muscles of stupid retract and this moment goes again and again and this is how the water with your system works in the starfish next option is the tentacles so the tentacles is not present in the starfish they are present in the Phylum cnidaria a cylinder so the correct option here is the water vascular system thank you

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QuestionLocomotion in starfish is with the help of
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