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Class 12






Self Assessment Paper-4


List the unit of the density o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: List the unit of the density of population in a habitat per unit area (a) Bacteria (b) Banyan (c ) Deer (d) Fish

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Question Details till 28/06/2022

Chapter NameSelf Assessment Paper-4
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
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hello students the question here are still is the unit of density of population in a habitat per unit area see that there are different attributes of population one of this is the population density which can be measured as number of individuals per unit square area soldiers population density is represented by the capital letter in the population densities of these very short answer which are given here the first one is the bacterium so when we see that the population in culture plate of a bacteria we cannot count the total number of the population is very huge and counting is impossible or very very time-consuming so it is not possible to count the total number of bacteria are there in that case the Biomass is taken as a measure for measuring the population size in this case the people here takes into consideration The Banyan Tree so when we talk about population size in a forest area supposed

Aaj 200 parthenium plants and there is only one huge Banyan Tree so we are going to you know counted as 200 parthenium plant and one Banyan Tree this is actually underestimating the role of banyan tree in the community because Banyan Tree has much more Biomass as compared to even 200 parthenium plant which are present in that forest not to you know make the mistake of underestimating the importance of any tree in the community we can measure the Biomass of the percent cover here for The Banyan Tree populations this is the percent cover is to be measured percent cover right Sona 32% cover of The Banyan Tree will be much more than that of the 200 parthenium plant talking about the third one that is the deer which can be measured directly by measuring the number of the year in any forest or it can be measured indirectly also for the animals also for the tiger

census RDS instance what is measured is it is indirectly also measured in the national parks and reserves and this is based on the animals footprints that is the park or the fecal pahle this is taken as a measure of that and forth is the about the fish now fish in a pond is not possible to measure all the number of the fishes which are there in the pond so in that case the fish caught per trap is taken as the measure to discuss how the population density of the various organisms are carried out and is all about this query thank you

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