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List the post-fertilization events in angiosperms.



question here is that listed post fertilization events in the angiosperms right selected the answer now if you talk about the angiosperms so they are the flower plants angiosperms they are known as the flowering plants and they are also known as the seed producing plants angiosperm they produce the season as well as right now the list of post fertilization events post fertilization means after the fusion of gametes right to the fusion of male and female gamete is known as fertilization and we have to tell about the events what will happen after the fusion is completed write the fusion of male and female gamete will lead to the formation of the zygote is formed now what will happen after the fusion here so what happened is the first thing
daddy primary endosperm nucleus it give rise to the endosperm so after the fertilization the endosperm formation takes place now what is the role of endosperm here so endosperm is the nutritive tissue now we know that during the embryonic development this is I got need some kind of nutrition and he will extract the nutrients from the endosperm so before the formation of zygote the endosperm formation eventually takes place so that the zygote formed will get the required amount of nutrients here right now the second here is about the dicot what happen is the zygote at the micropylar end right at the micropylar end this
I got it undergoes divisions write it undergoes some successive divisions one after the other life and as a result of the successive provisions what will have their will the formation of the mature embryo here is the first thing is the formation of endosperm then the mature embryo will form here right now the third step will be that the ovule is converted into the seat of the ovule is converted into the seed after the fertilization here and The Fourth change is that the ovary female part it develops into the fruit write the fruit formation takes place from the ovary part which is the female part these are all the list of events


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