List any four objectives of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 (amended in 1991).


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Step by step video solution for List any four objectives of Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 (amended in 1991). by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello everyone today we are going to see the following question question is list any four objectives of Wildlife Protection Act 1972 amended in 1991 so there are asking about the objectives total the objectives of bringing Wildlife Protection Act in India so first aim is to provide private security to animals to animals that are that are not in danger not in danger of becoming extinct becoming extinct
s precipitation hunting of wild animals and animals and birds and if there is any incident reported of hunting there will be imposition of punishment impose punishment for violating the sim for violating the same third objective of Wildlife Protection Act is to give power to law enforcement law enforcement authority
authority funny to punish anybody guilty under the ginti under fourth objective is to empower Central and state government Central and state government to declare to dict certain areas as to declare certain areas as the sanctuary sanctuaries or national park to to establish the
secured areas for wild animal Satish all the four objective thank you

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