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Class 11






Anatomy Of Flowering Plants


Lateral meristem is responsibl...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Lateral meristem is responsible for growth in :

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length cortex parenchyma thickness

Answer : D
Solution : thickness

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Chapter NameAnatomy Of Flowering Plants
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depression of Lateral Meristem is responsible for growth is this question we can also write dicot and we can also write the reason of writing both now know that they are of three times the apical meristematic issue inter cal meristematic tissue and third one is the automatic tissue so we won't be going match detail for

Ethical and it necessary however we should know that both the automatic tissue they help in increasing the primary growth of the primary goat will occur along the longitudinal axis of the plant and it will increase the length of the plant write lateral meristematic tissues they are different in action in comparison to the ethical and intercalary meristematic tissue their growth occurs along the latitudinal axis of the plant latitude means the growth will occur along the horizontal Axis along the diameter and this will increase the diameter of the plant over a period of time

so late to is represented by vascular cambium and it is also represented by Cork cambium so I have written the term dicot because dicot are the plant that shows the presence of cambium into them cambium present that is by over a period of time the dicot plant increase in diameter so mango is a very prominent example of this is also the example of it so after unlimited my primary growth the growth occurs along the latitude the last week of lateral meristematic tissue by vascular cambium and later the growth occurs by cotton

but they both will increase the diameter of the plant talk about bolo Court they don't possess cambium so cambium is absent in that you might have tea wheat you might have Teen Patti when we grow them early harvest in rights available we see that crack growth is optimum at the time of harvesting the growth the diameter of the approximately the things because there is known latitudinal because there are there is a cambium into them both the type of cambium vascular cambium and cork cambium it is absent so we can ask for growth in all growth in the latitude


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