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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Cichorium intybusTragopogon porrifoliusHelianthus tuberosusBoth A and B.


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question Jerusalem artichoke is question is asking out of these given options which one is usually known as Jerusalem artichoke which can also be known as a pronounced as Jerusalem attitude options are Kai Gori I'm in Texas track of organ polyfill length tuberosus both A and B A first option aquarium in diverse aquarium in Tabiz is commonly known as Kakori plant a plant which belongs to STC asteraceae family which is usually

which can be usually used for as a forage this is very helpful for the grazing animals this is used as a food for grazing animals so we consider it as a plant the roots of plants roots of plants are used as food additives food additives next we have track of organ polyphyllus Prabhu kogan poly poly poly poly as is known as oster plant vesta plant which has a

great value for ornamental plants ornamental plants ornamental plants that means you can use them as decorative items you can use them to decorate your house decorate functions anything next we have a well interiorz tuberosus tuberosus Yuva resources is against belongs to St Lucie family and they contain stuber that's why they are called tuberosus they are also known as just Chilam Chilam jayaseelan Aarti Chowk

so we got the answer 11th areas 11th helianthus tuberosus is also called as Jerusalem artichoke thank you

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QuestionJerusalem artichoke is
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