Interferon (IFN) was discovered by Issacs and Lindemann. Their action


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Step by step video solution for Interferon (IFN) was discovered by Issacs and Lindemann. Their action by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello students have a look at the question question is interferon was discovered by visits and lederman to scientist their action is on host protein structure it is only specific virus is only on cancer cell so let's find out the correct answer first of all water interference inter Kiran discovered by two scientists as as given British scientists that is easily and the Three scientists that is limited in 1957 in 1957
signalling proteins which can made up of soluble glycoprotein protein these are released by cells and produced by cell in response to the immune response generated against the viruses against viruses it means they are antiviral it means they are antiviral and affection is by these can exhibit the antiviral properties by inhibition of inhibition of protein synthesis in hitsan protein synthesis inactivation of
viral RNA inactivation of viral RNA viral RNA by increasing phagocytic and cytotoxic properties by increasing phagocytosis and recitals and cytotoxic properties property property number of viruses a single voice is there in the hostel so they are generated in response to the virus that they are released by the
release said if a virus is there on multiple virus is there still they can at it means they let any specificity any specificity against the viruses they are not particular against any wireless devices but they lack the specificity questions interferon was discovered by these acts and leave their action is a most protein know they are released by a host cells to their action is not on horse next this is current is only one specific viral know there at against virus but not only on the specific viruses in correct only one cancer cells know any disease in which voices and involved the actual it may be cancer or any other
disease devices and involved they interfere in the action of devices that they are known as interferon so this is also wrong option here we can say that our final answer that interest on legs spasticity understand it thank you

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