Updated on:30/05/2023

Insect pest resistant Bt-cotton plant was developed using:


Text Solution

somaclonal variation
somatic hybridisation
transgenic technology
The correct Answer is D


question is back insect pest resistant BT cotton plant was developed using and options are somaclonal variation micropropagation somatic hybridization of transgenic Technology about this plant of cold has the transgenic plant it is cold and transgenic plant and just plan for the production this plant a bacterium was used for bachelors bachelors film a bacterium isolated called as that crazy producers of protein qualify protein ok this protein Batani has in exercises for it
in factory sandal property and the property of this Bacteria is this protein was utilised physically for the production of plant that is called the BT cotton is BT Cotton was basically sent to Bol Bam Anshu bol so pretty cotton is basically Cup transgenic crop Rock and it was used by transgenic produced by using transgenic show the correct option to this question 20 last Monday test of transgenic Technology


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