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Class 12






Test 2


Inner layer of pericarp is har...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Inner layer of pericarp is hard and stony in

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Datepalm, AlmondWood apple, PeaMango, CoconutPear, Litchi

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Question Details till 06/07/2022

Chapter NameTest 2
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
Question Language
In Video - English
In Text - English
Students Watched4.0 K +
Students Liked100 +
Question Video Duration3m7s


hello everyone here we are having a question that field is horror story in option option and mango and coconut and last after that is option for its a sphere and easy so in this question we have to talk about the pericarp and we have to tell in which of the given in which will be hard and Soni if your talking about your paragraph Sapera is made up of three years basically known as they perform some specific function talking about you out it is also known as the preceding towards the middle which is also known as a means of car

this music aap maybe subtle and as in the case of peach and it can be hard as in the case of almond know we have to talk about the in which is known as endocarp in the question itself is asking about the inner layer that Indica maybe it is hard and stone 20 Other Drugs which are having the hard and stony Indica ok so we are mentioning the same and Groups having intercourse in different fruits fruits we are talking about your battery is talking about you

in the end we are talking about hard and strong interest in two groups which are having hard and stone in Dhoka anything talking about the example we are having your mango and coconut the example of group which will be having the basically the fruit of mango is a true in which para is well differentiated into outer layer and thin in which is known as epic of the middle is known as the make and coconut to eventually got the correct option that is option thought is a correct option which isase mango and coconut because both of them are groups list all the of

a wrong with these are not that so we are done for this question hope you have a nice 2012 thank you so much

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