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In which of the following animal the notochord is replaced by bony vertebral column in the adult ?


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The correct Answer is D


the question is in which of the following is replaced by Dhoni in petrol engine the last warning label area Karam pura stomach petromyzon group to the total quantity in Hindi
where is the Europe auditor auditor vertebrate auditor for that the Safal order also data recorder who have that notobor sau bees are known as all of phylum chordata Phylum chordata vertebrata are present
notochord is very important it will completely turned into a vertebral column or group no to call is present in that in column not to call it will not be in the vertebrate protocol will convert into replaced by a cartilage in air or
water table column now will the animal which are in the which cost one that is the idea for a cd-r Europe auditor auditor Groupon what is Kedia is the Euro auditor for remain sane branchiostoma group of so that means we can say it
is the Europe auditor is the one more common name is lamprey this lamp is it is we can say boneless fish it is mostly in the sea water kind of aquatic animal this lamprey fish an important it is but the thing is notochord will not convert into the backbone of the vertebral column this is a vertebrate group but when the lamp will be come add-on that time it
will not connect to could not convert into the table column is the label you live you full name is Le Beau Rohit Rohit are the common name is rupees know that it is the one kind of vertebrate animal and find that in the rohu fish notochord is replaced by Boney M all the correct option is labour or labour Rohita which is known as they
grow more so it is in this end Mel notochord is replaced by Boney party will follow in the thank you


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