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In which kingdom will you place an organism which is single- celled, eukaryotic and photosynthetic?



we talk about this question and these questions are asked at in which Kingdom will you place an organism which is single celled Eukaryotic and photosynthetic to a Vintage cars we have in total five kingdoms right we have in total five kingdoms given so the number one Kingdom we have is Monera right sweet talk about the characteristic of Monera Monera are basically unicellular or single celled right other than that monitor is prokaryotic right they do not have well defined nucleus also there are basically photo synthetic right Mahendra Tiwari Aane some that are placed under Monera are photosynthetic then the next Kingdom that we have is protest
rights we talked about the protest the organisms replaced and a protester a unicellular right they are Eukaryotic right there as well as a photo synthetic rate as of now we can see that the characteristics that we have already asked here at VR cost in the question are we can see all of them in protester right but we will consider a we will study about all the five kingdoms one by one third Kingdom is find job in case of an childfund are multicellular right or they could be unicellular as well basically a more or less multicellular Eukaryotic right and they are not photosynthetic rather they are saprotrophic right they are
Pro traffic rate on their heater traffic we can say then the number for is basically the plant write the kingdom plantae in which organism are multicellular Eukaryotic and auto traffic of photosynthetic right perform photosynthesis and the last Kingdom is kingdom animalia rate so the animal the organisms are placed under animalia a multicellular they are Eukaryotic and they are heater road traffic write a we can see here only Kingdom that shows the three characteristics such as in the question is Kingdom Protista so the answer this question as Kingdom Kingdom protester right
Kingdom Protista


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