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Class 12






Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production


In which crops is the method o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In which crops is the method of mass selection applied

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Text Solution

Cross-pollinated Self-pollinatedBoth self and cross pollinated Potato and sugacane

Answer : A

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Chapter NameStrategies For Enhancement In Food Production
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Text - English
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hello students today we have a question there is in Which crop is the method of mass selection applied to what is this mass selection so much selection is defined as the selection of desired varieties of Desire varieties of seed plant with the desired characters such as their height such as their size these are the desired characters and only 20 correct the plant having these characters are allowed to harvested are allowed to harvested in the field by the farmers so this is selected because the crops they want to produce should be of all the desired or observable character

and this will produce the efficient variety of crops that they required and this will help in the building more and more in building of crops in which crops is the mass selection applied to it is applied in both self and cross pollinated flowers that is the plants they are of same or different types so therefore this is the correct option to a question and other options are therefore the incorrect one because this is not only applied on cross-pollinated not only applied on self pollinated and potato and sugarcane this is also the incorrect option because in this marks selection is not applied to therefore the correct option Bihar was third option to a question

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