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Nta Neet Set 72


In the given segment DNA stran...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In the given segment DNA strand the base sequence on the opposite strands are same when read in opposite directions . Such sequences are known as of basis pairs. 5'.....GAATTCC……....3' 3'.....CCTTAAG ……..5'

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Text Solution

Replication sequenceDeletion mutation Origin of replication . Palindromic sequence

Answer : D

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Chapter NameNta Neet Set 72
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello shouldn't have a look at the question question is in the given statement DNA strand the base sequence on the opposite ends are same when read in opposite direction is known as a basis there and they are this is a sequence they have given options given a replication sequence deletion mutation origin of replication palindromic sequence to we are having this requires theory can drive that this sequence that is I Prime gate-3 Prime then there is 3 Prime 3333 a this is a sequence as per the statement DNA strand having the base sequence in on opposite 10 this same they can read same in a

traction if you read this sequence in a one direction then from the opposite direction we will read that sequence it will be the same these sequences this type of sequences these are known as a palindromic sequence which can be read from same from the both the size of these sequences termed as the palindromic sequence palindromic sequence are specific sequence which are recognised by which are recognised by different endonucleases it were recognised by restriction endonucleases different restriction endonucleases their specific they are having specific size this specific size termed as restriction sites and these restriction sites are always palindromic sequence so different having the difference restriction endonucleases having the

these are palindromic sequence sequences because the main feature is they can be read from the both on the opposite direction they can read the same as that of the original stand so this is palindromic sequence where we will see option option is replication sequence this is incorrect replication sequences simply sequence which in which need to be replicated which are being replicated to this is incorrect there is no need to be a palindrome in a simple sequence that can also be replicated deletion mutation this is also in correct deletion mutation is when there is any mutations occur by deleting subnuclear tied it could be any single nucleotide it could be multiple nucleotides the mutation occurs due to deletion of nucleotides here in a one stand and in other than no deletion

has been there is simply opposite there reading in the same when read in the opposite direction as the number of nuclear disaster and so we can say that this is it correct origin of replication this is also in correct origin of replication disturb oi we usually used in the case of Plasma Trance when we are doing the genetic engineering experiments were is the sequence from which the application start from where which point from this point from which point replication starts and that is known as a origin of replication replication start and last option we are given that is the palindromic sequence so this is correct option option days correct hope you get it thank you

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