Question : In the chloroplast, the stroma lamellae lack the

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: In the chloroplast, the stroma lamellae lack the

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PS I , NADP reductasePS II, PS INADP reductase , enzyme, `P_(700)` NADP, reductase , PS II

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head start in the chloroplast stroma lamellae last sea food system 1 ennadi productive for someone else to P780 is all photosystem 2 feet of chloroplast this is the organelle present in case of the plants only because it is having the pigment chlorophyll to write the chlorophyll it is the one which is giving the green colour tree plantation is one of the characteristic feature of the plants now this is structure of chloroplast and we're talking about this from us as we can see this structure decisions from Mela Mela which is connecting the two thylakoids writes the thylakoid it is made up of the Grand the sac like structure of the interconnection between the two different because of this from you know what happened is inches of the chloroplast is the presence of the two type of reaction during photosynthesis light reaction and

there is a dark reaction the dark reaction is the one which is taking in the slammer last year and the light reaction it is taking place in the thylakoid Richard so during the light reaction we have the photosystem 1 and photosystem 2 involved here and then there is any DP deduct is also involved but in case of the dark reaction there is no doctors form images of photosystem 2 It is involved right needed d&ad period after is present share and needed for system to is involved it is only in photosystem 1 and the c700 it is the active centre of the photosystem 2 here right so if you look at the other option one is there any present year 9 correct option is the last one here where the energy product is it is absent because there is no formation of the energy in case of the dark reaction the energy formation

GPS takes place in the light reaction which is being utilised in options for this right

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QuestionIn the chloroplast, the stroma lamellae lack the
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