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In the case of peppered moth (...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In the case of peppered moth (Biston betularia) the black-coloured from became dominant over the light-coloured form in England during industrial revolution. This is an example of

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natural selection whereby the darker forms ' were selected appearance of the aarker coloured individuals due to very poor sunlight protective mimicry inheritance of darker colour character acquired due to the darker environment

Answer : A
Solution : The given case is an example of natural selection. As a result of struggle for existence only those organisms could survive, which have favourable variations to adapt to the environmental conditions. With so many variations in population of species the struggle for existence results in survival of the fittest. <br> The survival of the fittest is the result of selection and proliferation of only those organisms, which were most suitably adapted to the environment and most successful in mating, i.e. natural selection.

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social and the statement that during Industrial Revolution the black convert form of appointment became dominant over the light-colored for now we have to select the correct answer regarding this from the given options so here they are talking about the phenomenon of industrial melanism and it is related to evolution we know that evolution is a force which is always active in nature because of which we are able to see great changes and all life forms with the passage of time and many different scientists are put forward their own theories regarding the mechanism of such evolution search biological evolution of the most widely accepted theory is a theory of natural selection given by a British naturalist called Charles Darwin

so he says that in any population the variations that are beneficial variation which are enhancing the fitness of the organism which means those variations which are increasing in the chances of Survival which is helping to adapt in its surroundings to adjust in surrounding these variations will be given preference and the frequency of such organisms is going to increase over the generation of their able to leave behind more project so all in all your name is which have more fitness which have the beneficial variations they are going to increase in numbers so what happened before industry patient with that the light wind months were more in number because the tree trunks on which these months used to said before Industrial Revolution this tree trunk used to remain covered with the white colour door light

coloured lekin so when the light months at on this like it was not easy to spot and status could not captured and the dark wing both had the disadvantage of because it could easily be spotted it could easily be seen by the Predator sitting on the light coloured like so before Wrestling Revolution lightwing watch for more in colour darkwing wireless saliva in mouth advantage aap Industrial Revolution what happened the factories released a lot of smoke a lot of suit so will I can't stop growing like and don't grow in polluted area and the tree trunks in state became covered in suit in the dark coloured carbon sunao The Dark World watch had Wanted Shraddha King bahut advantage now it would not be easily spotted when it was sitting on the dark suit colour tree trunk where is it was much easier to spot light wind so now the reverse happened that winkworth became

dominant increased in number the increase in frequency and nightwing much number decrease the population decline so all of this happened why the condition was reversed by the situation was reversed by the situation was reversed of the industrial revolution was before Revolution the light when outside advantage they had more fitness they were well adapted to survive in the environment but when the environment changed slightly more the dark Kingdom of us had more fitness they had the advantage that could hide from the Predator so the increased number so this is an example of natural selection because natural selection is the mechanism of evolution in which organism which are having more fitness which are showing the beneficial radiations they are going to increase in frequency when you leave behind more over here are correct answer is option why the black colour from became dominant because of natural selection

with the darker forms were selected they were given preference Dehati advantage could easily height from predators now this industrial melanism is a perfect example of natural selection on option is a correct answer

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