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Cell Cycle (Cell Division)


In telophase of mitosis...

In telophase of mitosis

Video Solution: In telophase of mitosis

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Chromosomes get arranged in middle of cellChromosome fibres become clearChromosomes aggregate at opposite poles to form daughter nucleiNuclear envelope disappears

Answer : C


Step by step video solution for In telophase of mitosis by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.

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QuestionIn telophase of mitosis
Chapter NameCell Cycle (Cell Division)
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone let's start this question so these questions is that in the law office of mitosis so we have to identify out of this given for statements which one of them is correct in case of so let's try to understand what exactly the steal your face is so in case of mitosis there are different phases in this type of cell division and these are professor metaphase anaphase and that glow face to face marks the last part of this can you can access that is the nuclear division mitosis right now let's try to understand what exactly happens in this so in this still offer suppose if it is a cell then

this case what happens is suppose to use and there would be chromosomes like this like this so that supports these are the chromosomes ok and then suddenly after this the nuclear envelope will start to form nuclear envelope would be reappearing here for nuclear envelope reappear nuclear envelope reappears write this is one of form chromatin fibre De condenses chromatin De condenses and cell organelles start to appear again

organelles reappear should these are the characteristic features of the Yellow Peas and out of the given option lete see which one is the correct chromosomes get arranged in middle of this now this one is wrong they are not in the middle chromosome fibre become clear not exactly because they are getting decondense dear so this is also wrong statement chromosomes aggregate at opposite poles to form that nuclei just this one is correct as they will be leading to the formation of a new data nuclear and nuclear envelope disappears so this is the wrong it starts appearing once again that is reappearing to the correct answer to this question would be chromosomes aggregate at opposite poles to Compton ATI thank you

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