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Nta Neet Set 41


In prokaryotes, regulation of ...

In prokaryotes, regulation of gene expression occurs at the

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In prokaryotes, regulation of gene expression occurs at the


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transcriptional level processing level transport of mRN from nucleus to cytoplasm translation level

Answer : A


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In prokaryotes, regulation of gene expression occurs at the
Chapter NameNta Neet Set 41
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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the question is in prokaryotes regulation of gene expression occurs at the four options given physically regulation of gene expression refers to a very broad term that may occur at various levels considering that gene expression results in the formation of a polypeptide and what is polypeptide polypeptide peptide is the mean of amino acid of amino acid that is totally it can be regulated at several levels in the regulation could be exerted at transcriptional level where formation of primary transcript takes place processing labour

that is regulation of splicing process and transport of mrn from nucleus to cytoplasm and translational but in control of the rate of transcriptional initiation is predominant site for control of gene expression in prokaryotes this expression is regulated at transcriptional level transcriptional in a transcription unit activity of RNA polymerase at a cup of water is regulated by interaction with accessory protein affect its ability

startseite regulatory proteins can at both positively that MS at activator and negatively that act as repressor accessibility of promoter of prokaryotic DNA is in many cases regulated by interaction of protein sequences and operator and the operator region is adjacent to the promoter element in most Operon and in most cases the sequences of operator repressor protein and each has its specific operator and specific repressor for example leg operator is present only in

open on and it interacts specifically with leg repressor only in absence of inducer repressor anusar repressor synthesized from gene transcription unit and here after the binding of pressure best tour operator region and presents RNA polymerase from transcribing the Opera that is negative Regulation and this repressor Mr any forms from the eyes of the Vista krypton unit and here is present in presence of induced current is the proteins synthesised from the repressor Mr so that repressor get in active that transcription

in prokaryotes the regulation of gene expression occurs at the level of transcription thank you


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