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Class 12






Neural Control And Coordination


In presbyopia ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In presbyopia

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Text Solution

The eye ball becomes short The lens become opaque The retina gets damaged Diminution of accommodation of lens due to loss of elasticity

Answer : D

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Chapter NameNeural Control And Coordination
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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real question is and presbyopia options are available by ball become shot against the lens become the retina get the latest version of accommodation of lines due to loss of electricity question we have to discuss about the condition known as physically press is depressed but it's a defect of vision defect of vision in old version old person is not able to see not able to see the object as well as near ok object as well as near object right so this is the condition of

byopia to this condition in this condition what happens that the elastic elasticity of lens in elasticity decreases elasticity of lens decreases with age rate so plasticity of lens have direct effect in the reduction right in the reduction of reduction of fraction in delivery booking in gallery

must do this means that the problem the persons between the problem change in focal length the person can't change the focal length or we can say that the person will feel the problem of Poker write this complete phenomenon is known as the loss of accommodation complete phenomenon is known as complete phenomenon is known as accommodation of by rotation of presbyopia condition is occur due to the loss of accommodation of eye

due to loss of elasticity pulaski correct answer the question is the options now option is the iPod become short this condition is nd myopia and hypermetropia condition condition of hypermetropia lens become operate this condition called as cataract is it might be due to the accident or injury time injury or some other disorder night these options are incorrect correct answer to the question is enumeration of loss of

two condition of lens due to loss of elasticity ok

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