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Class 12






Transport In Plants


In plasmolysis, a plant cell ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: In plasmolysis, a plant cell

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Swells up Bursts Becomes flaccid Becomes turgid

Answer : C

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Chapter NameTransport In Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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plasmolysis a plant cell 12 Placid or becomes turgid rights of plasmolysis is that when the cell is in contact with the hypotonic solution it do this water and cytoplasm or the protoplast track that is called as plasmolysis so cytoplasm and Protoplasm contraction because of loss of water when cell comes in contact with the hypotonic solution is called as plasmolysis write my hypotonic solution is that solution which has

high concentration of solute so when the cell is kept in a hypotonic solution because of osmosis or we can say because of eggs Osmosis the water will move from the cell or it will move out of the cell and why that happens is because the water moves from a region of low solute concentration of high solute concentration cell is kept in hypotonic solution water movement occurs from high concentration which is in the cell to origin of local

ration which is the hypotonic solution and the solute we have low solute concentration in the cell as compared to the hypertonic solution and therefore the water moves out from the cell which causes the shrinking of the cell drinking or the cell becomes loose and that is called called as a flaccid cell write the flash the cell is protoplast is loose from its membrane is called as a flaccid cell and further loss of water will cause the cell to be plasmolyzed that is the protoplast has completely shank from the cell membrane alright so if you look at the

Tata given to us swells up it does not swell up during plasmolysis so this is incorrect it but again this is also incorrect because water loss is taking place right and becomes flaccid so this is the correct answer of flaccid means that a cell becomes loose from its membrane and becomes turgid so turgid means that a swelling of takes place because of water absorption but here water loss is taking place that's why this is also in correct option 3

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